Pricing Explained

Screen printing is by far the best way to print custom t-shirts and apparel. Each color is made from scratch with solid pigments and printed separately in succession to produce the final product. This process creates the the most vivid colors with unmatched durability.

Most of the time, energy, and materials needed for the screen printing process are utilized before the shirts are even printed. Here's a quick breakdown of the process:

  • Artwork is separated into individual colors and prepared to be transferred onto screens. The screens are like your average window screen stretched on a metal frame but with much smaller holes.
  • Each individual color in the design is transferred onto a separate screen which creates a stencil for the ink to pass through.
  • Inks for each color in the design are mixed individually from scratch.
  • The screens are put on press and aligned so that the colors match up precisely.
  • Test prints on recycled t-shirts are run to verify colors and alignment, making any necessary adjustments.

Once the press is set up and ready to go, we can print anywhere from the 300 to 800 pieces per hour. In most cases, the actual printing is much faster than setting up the press to print!

It's the nature of the screen printing process that determines pricing and sets our minimums for production. We know everyone would love to have a physical sample before they place their order but ultimately going through the entire setup process to print anything less than 20 items, let alone one shirt for a sample, just isn't sustainable.

We do offer sample tees of our most popular unisex styles so you can actually get your hands on and experience the quality of our prints. Our instagram has some great examples of our prints as well.