Our Approach


At Print Natural, we are always taking into consideration how our decisions and actions will have an impact on the environment. We obsessively research our materials, over analyze our processes and go out of our way to reduce our ecological footprint any way we can.


Apparel made with superior quality materials and good construction are better the environment and stand the test of time. We only parter high quality brands dedicated to sustainably manufacturing long lasting apparel. Screen printing is by far the highest quality and most durable method for printing custom apparel. Our prints will last the life of the garment and only get better with age.


Our inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile solvents. They are also free of lead, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Our inks passed the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 and are safe to use on underwear and baby clothes (infants under 2 years). Print Natural inks were also granted Approval by the Soil Association in the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for use in organic textile processing. The ink ingredients are not sourced from animals and our inks are not tested on animals. Ingredients that are sourced from plants are certified GMO free!


We understand water is a precious resource and do everything we can to use it with care and respect. We filter all outgoing water down to 20 microns which is about the size of a white blood cell. Dip tanks are used for developing and reclaiming screens dramatically cutting down our water usage. The water in our dip tanks is reused for at least 6 months before it is filtered and replaced.

Upcycling, Recycling, and Reuse

Print Natural team members maintain a zero-waste mindset in all facets of our production. We do everything possible to find another use for anything that comes into our facility. All of our ink is upcyled into new colors so absolutely none of it goes to waste. We recycle everything possible, transporting materials that can not be curbside recycled to specialized recycling centers. All of the packaging we receive for the blank garments is reused to ship our bulk orders. We ship all of our bulk orders through the UPS carbon neutral program.

Sustainable T-Shirt Printing

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