Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order a sample?

We do not offer custom printed samples due to the complex nature of the screen printing process.

However, you can purchase a blank sample of any product on the product page!

We also offer our "Save The Planet" printed sample tees for our most popular styles.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum is 20 - 50 items per design depending on the number colors in the design.

You also need to order at least 20 items of any given style/color but they can be different sizes.

Do you print on demand?

We do not currently print on demand. Print on demand is done with lower quality digital printing that isn’t up to our quality and sustainability standards.

Can I mix sizes?

Absolutely! Mixing adult sizes with toddler or infant sizes is possible but will effect pricing. You will need to meet the minimum of at least 20 items in either toddler or infant sizes.

Can I mix colors?

Most likely! We’ll need to see your artwork to confirm. You also need to order at least 20 items of the same color but they can be different sizes.

Are all of the garments you offer eco-friendly?

All of the garments that we offer are eco-friendly to varying degrees. How eco-friendly is up to you! Detailed information is listed on each product page.

How is pricing calculated?

Check out our Minimums Explained page for more info.

Are the styles on the website the only options available?

Definitely not! We have access to virtually any brand that offers apparel wholesale. Just send us and email with the style you're interested in and we can get you a quote.

Will you print on apparel that I supply?

Most likely not. We cannot guarantee print quality on garments of unknown origins. However, we have access to essentially every wholesale brand out there so let us know if there’s a specific style you’e looking for.

What if I need an EXACT quantity for my order?

Please be sure to specify this before placing your order.

Do you offer embroidery?

Yes! We offer embroidery primarily for hats. Embroidery on other garments is possible as well though embroidery is generally more costly than screen printing.

Do you offer direct to garment printing or heat transfers?

Not at the moment, these methods are not up to our quality or sustainability standards.


Do you provide mockups?

Yes! We always provide digital mockups for you to approve before you place your order.

What artwork files are best?

Ideally you would submit the original artwork file in the format it was created. For example, if the artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator, please send the .ai file. If you do not have the original file please send a vector file (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg) or a hi-res files (300 dpi) in any other format.

How big can the design be?

The max printable area can vary by garment style and size but these are generally the max print sizes:

  • Front & Back Print: 13” wide and 18” tall
  • Short Sleeve Print: 3” wide and 4” tall
  • Long Sleeve Print: 3” wide and 16” tall
  • Pullover Hoodie Front Print: 13” wide and 10” tall — to accommodate the front pocket
  • Zipper Hoodie Side Breast Print: 4” wide and 7” tall
  • Hoodie Back Print: 14” wide and 16” tall
  • Onesie Front & Back Print: 6” wide and 8” tall
  • Toddler Tee Front & Back Print: 8” wide and 12” tall
  • Youth Tee Front & Back Print: 11” wide and 14” tall
Will my design be scaled differently on different size garments?

No, the print scale will be the same on all garments unless you are ordering toddler or infant sizes. These sizes require different print runs at an additional cost.

Can I mix and match garments using the same design?

Most likely! We’ll need to see your artwork to confirm. You’ll need to order at least 20 of any garment style.

Can you match Pantone colors?

We can use Pantone colors for reference. We mix all colors by eye and do everything we can to get the colors as close as humanly possible. Keep in mind that things such as lighting, garment color (simultaneous contrast), and the difference between color printed on a fabric and color on your back lit screen display will impact your perception of a color. We match colors at around 95% accuracy.

How many colors can you print?

It depends! We can print up to 10 individual colors but ultimately we need to see your artwork to know how many colors it needs. In some cases we can blend colors to make other colors. We also offer 4-color process printing which can can reproduce up to 900 colors.

Are there set-up (screen) fees?

There are no additional fees for screens or set up.

Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?

Shipping for domestic standard production orders shipped within in the contiguous USA is free and carbon neutral! Shipping for rush orders is also carbon neutral but calculated based on package size, quantity, destination, and deadline.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to all US territories and Canada. Shipping for any location outside of the continental US is calculated based on package size, quantity, destination, and deadline.

I need my order FAST! Do you offer rush production?

Yes we do! Please give us a call ASAP at 267-225-1315. Please note that rush orders are subject to additional fees. Turnaround times for rush orders are dependent on garment style and print specs.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Check out our Returns & Refunds page for more info.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and ACH transfers.

Do I need to pay in full before the shirts are printed?

Yes. We do not begin the process printing your custom apparel until we have received payment in full.

Why is there a faint rectangle or square around the printed design?

That is a pressure mark. This sometimes occurs as a result of the squeegee moving across the screen and pressing down fibers of the shirt. It will disappear upon the first wash or with a steamer.

What do I do if I find a defect in one of the items I ordered?

Please let us know! Unfortunately, garment errors do occur. While quality control is part of our process we do not catch everything. We will issue a refund for the garment if it means you received fewer pieces than you purchased. We generally order a few extra pieces and include them in your order for free to cover issues like this.

Why did I receive extra shirts? Was I charged for these?

Mistakes happen! Both on our end and in the garment manufacturing process. For most orders we generally order a few extra blanks to hopefully cover any garment defects discovered during production. The size breakdown you receive might differ slightly but our goal is for you to receive the total number of items you ordered and most likely a few extra for free. You will never be charged for additional items!

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